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Dormitorios con encanto

18 Dreamy Interiors You'll Want To Hide Away In Forever

Hoy os muestro una colección de dormitorios que han llamado mucho mi atención por algún elemento especial que hace que todo el conjunto sea muy atractivo y sobretodo que apetezca mucho estar ahí.

I´d like to show you a few bedrooms that have very original elements in them making the space  very atactive, and most of all, making you  want to stay in them.

18 Dreamy Interiors You'll Want To Hide Away In Forever

This is my dream bedroom. If you can't sleep dive in the pool and swim until your tired.

attic loft. very far, but definite future project for SURE!

We love this bright and airy bedroom. Plenty of natural light and a large door add to the summery feel.

Smoot fashioned the frame of the daybed using a $25 flea-market door and pallets. The pillowcases? Old grain sacks, natch.

Home Sweet home

love that mirror!!

I LOVE the old mantel over the bed...I have found many of these old things at flea markets..great

H o m e . I n t e r i o r s

Great idea for a bed: higher up than that though. Pallets. It looks nice. Easy and cheap to make, and it also has all this nooks to store books in.

Decoration Ideas

headborads make out of carved wood | ... large piece of carved wood. You can act as my headboard any day

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